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Sugar Classic Unisex Cable Knitted 100% Cashmere Legging

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Introducing our Toddlers Leggings Knit Baby Cashmere Pants – tailored exclusively for 13-18 month-olds, providing unmatched comfort for tiny legs. Crafted in a range of warm natural brown shades, these pants possess a versatile charm that seamlessly complements various styles, whether opting for a lighter or darker color palette.

These exceptional cashmere leggings epitomize unisex fashion, catering to both boys and girls. The understated design makes them an impeccable choice for parents seeking a blend of comfort and sophistication, ensuring their child exudes effortless formality.

Immerse your toddler in an exquisite experience with our incredibly soft Knit Baby Cashmere Pants, boasting a lovely lightweight fit. Treat your little one to the pinnacle of comfort and style as they explore the world in these superbly crafted leggings.

No silicone and extra softeners. Hypo-allergenic * eco-friendly * Organic

Made in EU

Size:  1-2Years 75-95cm


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