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Mathieu 100% Cashmere Boys Chunky Peacoat - Heather Grey & Royal Blue Button

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A classic cardigan designed for easy comfort and simplicity, this two-pocket cardigan offers a fine choice for helping your toddler feel and look their very best. It’s an easy choice when you need something nice and neutral that is easy to blend in with a variety of looks and styles.

An excellent, elegant pick when you need something that helps your child to carry off that look of timeless elegance. Cardigans are easy to work with for both smart and more casual events, helping to carry off something easygoing while retaining that 100% cashmere comfort, quality and class time and time again.

Incredibly soft with lovely lightweight fit.

No silicone and extra softeners. Hypo-allergenic * Eco-Friendly * Organic

Made in EU



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