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About us

Welcome to KAEDE Cashmere, where comfort, style, and timeless elegance unite in a captivating collection of world-class cashmere finery. The mission is simple: to provide the ultimate blend of comfort, warmth, and timeless elegance. 

Every thread of the exquisite cashmere clothing reflects a passion for authenticity and meticulous craftsmanship. The finest quality cashmere wool is sourced from the prized Inner Mongolia, where their cashmere goats are celebrated for their exceptional quality. Craft garments that are truly eco-conscious, long-lasting dyes derived from Natural sources are used, ensuring the touch is gentle on both skin and the planet.

Embracing the finest cashmere sources, the yarns boast the same superior quality, enabling the creation of intricately detailed and thrillingly fashionable clothing that exudes comfort and timeless fashion.

KAEDE Cashmere Firmly Beliefs that exceptional quality should be accessible to all, and that has been its unwavering commitment since day one. Witnessing the market's disparity between cost and quality, KAEDE Cashmere was founded to be the go-to destination for affordable, genuine cashmere apparel for everyone.

KAEDE Cashmere's talented team of cashmere experts blends a passion for fashion with an unwavering dedication to fabric excellence. The result? Luxurious cashmere clothing where the finest fibers meet stunning designs, meticulously crafted with utmost thought and care.

When choosing KAEDE Cashmere, one embraces not just a brand, but a legacy. The cashmere creations are designed to withstand the test of time, passing from one generation to the next as cherished family heirlooms. From the most exquisite materials to the precision of every micron, hearts are poured into every step of the process, ensuring an unrivaled product that embodies the essence of cultivated sophistication and timeless grace.

Discover the magic of KAEDE Cashmere and indulge in an enchanting world of pure, eco-friendly, and hypo-allergenic cashmere clothing, free from silicone and harsh chemicals.

Welcome to the world—where love, luxury, and legacy unite. By KAEDE Cashmere.


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